Quality, excellence & innovation;
where do they meet?

Sounds familiar? The new enterprise (or product, service, department, …) starts to run smoothly: many new customers, yearly growth in double digits, suppliers working on maximum capacity and enthusiastic and well-trained new staff. Nevertheless there is a risk things may go wrong: first complaints from important customers, delayed deliveries, suppliers not able to follow your planning or inspection reports indicating clear shortcomings. This is where quality, excellence and innovation meet and exactly here lies the expertise of Baelde Consulting.



Copy of Quality

At quality management many people still think of thick binders with procedures, checklists and reports, preferably carrying a dozen signatures. What matters however is that customers come back, not the products. The main challenge of modern quality management in a continuously changing environment is to timely identify relevant quality risks and take appropriate measures. It all starts with a thorough understanding of customer expectations (both explicit and implicit) and proceeds with translating the expectations into clear requirements for design, suppliers and processes.



The core of Excellence is to avoid waste, be it money, material or time. Especially in mature industries huge progress has been made but how to avoid waste in the early phases of the new product or process? By asking the right questions in an early stage processes can be designed such that they are easily scalable for fast growth and sustainable for the longer term. Therefore it is of major importance to make the right choice from the large number of available tools and methods.





Innovation can be defined as a first commercial application of something new. Innovations can be found in products or services but also in the processes used to produce them or the supporting organization. In all cases it is about something that has never been done before and will be delivered to a customer. Although there is no experience with all aspects of the innovation one wants to safeguard the customers from products or services that do not meet their expectations or, at the very least, be able to effectively correct in case of potential problems.


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