The quality of the products and services supplied is of major strategic importance for the success of your company from its very beginning. Baelde Consulting supports you to take care of this aspect of your business in an optimum way with minimum cost and maximum result. Please find below some examples of services offered.

Strategic quality management
Baelde Consulting is your partner for making optimum strategic choices for managing the quality of your products and services. Baelde Consulting looks at quality management in relation to all other aspects of your business, such as cost control, reaction time, risk management and certification.

Wether you are managing a unit in a large multinational or working on a startup Baelde Consulting has the right experience for you to be successful.

Improvements right on target
Whether you need to resolve a nonconformity, e.g. from a customer audit, or want to increase the maturity of your quality system, Baelde Consulting can support you rapidly and effectively.
The services provided range from performing an assessment of the available quality measures to the implementation of structural and future-proof improvements.
Naturally all recommendations and implementations are based on proven and lean management methodologies and extreme care is taken to find the right balance between control and empowerment of your staff.

New product certification
When you are introducing a new product on the market, you have to be able to demonstrate that it complies with all legal requirements (such as the CE mark). Not only the design will have to meet the requirements, often you have to demonstrate, based on your quality system, that the requirements are also met during production.
For new product certifications Baelde Cosulting is your partner and will support you in successfully introducing your new product to the market.

By means of Coaching Baelde Consulting can support you and your staff with getting familiar with the (im)possibilities of modern quality management and operational excellence techniques. The starting point is a close look at your specific situation and the goals and ambitions to be achieved. The result will be a tailor-made very effective coaching program.